The Preatures, That One Night…

Blue Planet Eyes, the debut LP from Australia’s The Preatures, spun under my radar in 2014, despite the fact that both MH and RF had it on their year-end lists.

MH likes to tell the story about how he watched Game 7 of the World Series at Fly on Divis, and then, minutes after Salvie Perez’s pop-up landed in What’s-His-Face’s glove, he charged into The Independent to celebrate with The Preatures. Well of course he likes the album. He probably bought the vinyl and a pair of t-shirts while he was at it. I know what a memorable night feels like. I understand the significance of connecting a charged evening to a recording; he’s re-living Bumgarner’s superhuman achievement every time he hears “Is This How You Feel?”

IMG_2332Last Tuesday, The Preatures made their first trip back to the City since that glorious night, and I got a sense of what MH must have experienced.

Their live show is so better than the album. And the album’s pretty good. More than anything, the onstage energy and the raucous cover of The Angels’ “Am I Ever Gonna See Your Face Again?” reminded me how narrow my estimation of Australian music had become over the last few years. When I debated Oceania versus Scandinavia with CW, the arguments kept circling around electronic artists and dance tracks. How quickly one forgets how fun it might be to pit The Figurines against Youth Group, or have Jose Gonzalez strum against Finn Andrews.

After slowing things down towards the end of their set, Isabella Manfredi promised: “And then we’ll all dance. I promise.”

We did a lot more than dance. We celebrated. Didn’t even need a baseball game.

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