jj – All White Everything

Here it is. The single I was clamoring for last week.

Forget what I said about seemingly superfluous album trailers. About too much affected buzz or too many snippets of fuzz or too buzzy too fuzzy streaming services. I admit: I’m a hype junkie.

The new album, V, releases August 19th on Secretly Canadian/Sincerely Yours. More information on the record, including tracklisting, is available here.

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YoggyOne & Muhsinah – Any Ideas

In October, French producer YoggyOne will release his second album, a follow-up to the “chunky, crunchy soul… layered with organic percussive beats and pulses” of Canopée.

This first single, a collaboration with D.C. singer Muhsinah, is set to release on June 9th.

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Bob Moses – I Ain’t Gonna Be The First To Cry

Domino Records announced the signing of Brookyln-via-Canada duo Bob Moses earlier today, and previewed the lead single “I Ain’t Gonna Be The First To Cry.”

It’s good. Real good. And made me think twice about other Domino-related offerings that I may have dismissed a little too hastily in my life. Continue reading Bob Moses – I Ain’t Gonna Be The First To Cry

jj – Album Trailers, Summer Songs, and Ditching Ne-Yo

Enough with the album trailers already. I love getting news of an upcoming release as much as the next guy, but, you know… just drop the first single.

Admittedly, the trailer for three stops on Spoon’s upcoming tour was pretty cool (be cooler if I was going to be in Berlin next week), but their “Hi” clip posted back in March was like being handed a slice of pepperoni fifteen minutes before my pizza comes out of the oven. Guys. I can wait.

My summer nights wouldn’t be the same without a dreamy slice of Swedish pop courtesy of jj. And as luck would have it, their new album is set for August.

So you produced the hell out of this little trailer. I want to believe that you’ve produced the hell out of a single, too, and I’ll be hearing it real soon. Don’t make me wait until August.

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We Are Catchers – Isabella

I live a few blocks from the finish line. Every year, on Bay to Breakers weekend, the City swells to an incalculable size and my neighborhood is tacked with road closure signs and traffic warnings. It’s this town’s oldest and biggest party, and it’s hard not to get caught up in the chaos.

But in the two days before the race, I ran along Great Highway, watching crewmen and technicians deliberately and systematically transform Ocean Beach into the terminus of all this costumed debauchery: stages, lights, flags, and a neverending row of port-a-potties. Meanwhile the Pacific was the calmest I’d seen it in months. Lapping quietly against the shore while the last of the gulls headed north for the rocks below the Cliff House. And with Karl the Fog absent this past week, the horizon was a blurred bright line between sea and sky.

We Are Catchers released their debut album earlier this year, and “Isabella” is the second single. Peter Jackson is from Liverpool, but the soul of his music seems to hover around a California beach commune from the 60’s.

The view of the ocean this week immediately called to mind this album cover. The songs, once queued up, were an immediate reminder of how beautiful it is to afterparty on the edge of the world.

True Sons Of Chiptune

At 9:00 last night I was eating a sandwich on the sidewalk parklet outside DNA Lounge when DH texted me: “Dude come up here you are missing something weird.”

Coming from DH, that meant something.

The “something weird” was the last entrant in the open mic portion of the 8BitSF evening. A weathered Tina Yothers meets Michael McKean from Spinal Tap in a flowy pirate shirt dropping a David Byrne staccato over aggressive video game beats. Not just weird, but also awesome.

Glad I swallowed my sandwich in two bites and ran upstairs to see the tail end of this guy’s set, but I was also happily marveling at the crowd assembling street level for the show in the main auditorium. Continue reading True Sons Of Chiptune

FKA x inc

Earlier this year I did my part to push “How’s That” by FKA twigs past the half-million views threshold. The song is beautiful, but the video is just captivating.

A few months ago, she released a video collaboration with inc. titled, simply, FKA x inc.

aaaaand I’ve been watching the shit out of this as well.

Yes, I moved into a smaller place. A smaller, more awesome place. And I purged a substantial portion of my belongings in the process. But how devilishly easy it is to fill one’s life and dwelling up with lovely things when this seven-inch single comes wrapped up in an eight-page full color zine.

I choose to look at it this way: in the same way one donates or otherwise disposes of old clothes that one doesn’t want to wear anymore… and slowly rebuilds a new wardrobe…

my consumer efforts in The Turnaround are to slowly rebuild a collection of vinyl, comics, prints, and other artifacts of delight to symbolize this new era.

Besides, I still have practically no furniture. So there’s room…