The Point

This latest attempt at polluting the Internet waters with my musings is more journal than journalism, more experience than feigned expertise. Simply put, we’re somewhere between the pseudo-reviews of Idle Time and the occasional blog posts of the now erased-from-existence Justifications.

It’s a conscious effort to resuscitate what I loved about our collective’s early years while, at the same time, resuscitating my own midnight heartbeat. Recollections and ruminations formed during mid-morning hangovers and restless, caffeinated evenings. It’s way more personal than anything we tried doing towards the end of the first Idle Time decade. And that’s The Point.

Saving Idle Time might mean saving me.

I’m wandering and thinking and listening and getting pulled into darkened doorways by everything from bluegrass to Latin house. I’ve worn out the plastic on a new pair of earbuds just in the last few months. Each hour’s cast on The City comes with a new soundtrack. So, music, mostly, for now. But there are so many things that get my hands clapping. So that could change. Or… I could start another blog.

And there’s one more key facet: since this is blog first, reviews second, there is a geographic focal point: San Francisco. If I get excited about a new album, I’m going to find a tour date in town. If you’re reading this and you’re local, all the better, I hope.

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