Italians Do It Better. Chromatics Do It Best.

I tend to obsess over things. Case in point, when, back in November of last year, the Italians Do It Better website announced the Chromatics’ “Cherry” 12″ was COMING SOON.

For the next two months I checked that website every day (sometimes twice a day) for news or ordering information. Or, you know, maybe some news on Dear Tommy which, at one point, had an announced release of last February.

Every day. Website. Scroll. COMING SOON.

And then, about a week ago, the site was updated, and Cherry was gone. Poof. Not even coming soon. Unexpected delays? We’ve all heard about the production problems, both in bottlenecks at the limited number of pressing plants, as well the issues involved in maintaining antique equipment. Maybe there were other issues. Still checked the site every day, but nothing…

This morning, as I was leaving the house, there was a familiar-looking album-shaped box waiting for me under the front gate. My mind raced, but the last thing I ordered from IDIB had already arrived. Did they send me a duplicate? This box was thicker. Was it for my roommate? Nope. This is mine.

When the website said COMING SOON, I had no idea it meant straight to my house. Along with the “Shadow” 12″, a flexi single, the Lost River CD soundtrack, and two of the gorgeous newsprint posters. What the hell, Johnny Jewel. You guys are incredible.

But I’m greedy and selfish. Dear Tommy, and howsabout that triple LP Lost River set? Oh, and any album with Ruth Radelet on the sleeve. Oh, and tour dates. Definitely tour dates.

Website. Scroll. COMING SOON..?

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