They’re Singing Deck the Halls…

This season, I’ve listened to the least amount of Christmas music in… well, probably my entire life. And that’s interesting, because I thought I experienced my fa-la-la nadir last Decemeber. My holiday tune intake has decreased dramatically in recent years.

Granted, prior to last Christmas, I lived with someone who absolutely loved Christmas songs. One of her most beloved possessions was a beat-up CD-R entitled “Xmas and more” that somehow survived getting kicked around the floors of countless cars, and resurfaced just in time every season. So the music was unavoidable.

Am I less excited, less enthused about the holidays? Hardly. In fact, I bought and decorated my first tree in almost a decade. My new housemate has been on a holiday baking spree. As I’m typing this, I’m wearing my new Santa sweater.

Better late than never. And this is the greatest Christmas song ever recorded. Please come home? There are a few things missing in the house, to be certain. But fewer and fewer things every day. The full spectrum of Christmas cheer might have been one of the last absent pieces.

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