Jaakko Eino Kalevi – Pass the Cat

Possibly the only thing more fun than this dude’s name is the title of this track.

The more-blog-than-business aspect of these musings might reflect upon my record-buying impulsivity. Did I need to order Jaako’s Yin Yang Theatre EP? Probably not. Should I have thought about it for more than ninety seconds? Probably so. Did the cosmic disco bounce take control of my willpower and, subsequently, my PayPal account? Probably definitely.

Instead, I’ll reflect upon a daydream of mine. The video game that exists only in my head until the right people turn fantasy into reality. Imagine a battlefield of bent magnetic tape and burnt, broken transistors. On one side, drum machine troops throb out of To Kill a Dead Man stills, captained by Oceanic beat programmers issuing whisper-heavy commands. On the other, the pop jangle and shiny pants of Nordic synth soldiers, locked in an exaggerated high-hat staccato march. Win or lose, it sounds great.

JEK and his stealthy Cat Passing attack may tip the scales! Doprah can’t get those sound walls up in time! Imagine that.

I’ve been playing too much Shovel Knight.

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