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An Orange & Black Advantage

This show was on my calendar long before the particulars of the World Series schedule had been settled. So it just magically slotted itself on the night when I needed it most. Between Sunday’s game five and tonight’s game six. On a Monday when I couldn’t do anything but clench my fists in anticipation, still riding the wave of euphoria from Bumgarner’s legendary performance and distracted by the promise of a clinching win at Kauffmann. I was energized from the minute I woke up. And The Rural Alberta Advantage are all about channeling energy. The show was Bumgarner-esque.

Amy Cole felt the band’s electricity align with the orange & black voltage surging through the City. “One more win, right? The fucking World Series? Do you know how long it’s been since the [Blue] Jays have even been in a World Series?”

Quick answer: twenty-one years. Fun answer: not as long ago as The Dodgers.
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Deerhoof – Exit Only

This week Deerhoof announced their new album, La Isla Bonita, out November 4 on Polyvinyl. The first single, “Exit Only” is a raucous punk jam straight outta the Ashkenaz heyday, appropriately recorded in one take.

Link this to my love of a great cover song, but if a band I already like, in talking about their new record, cites influences that I also like a great deal, then it won’t even take a decent single to secure my pre-order. I don’t want a reviewer telling me so-and-so’s new LP sounds like post-Cars Ric Ocasek; I want the band itself to tell me it was inspired by the guy.

Sometimes I might wake up and make my bed, inspired by a Shins song echoing out of the other room. And it’s a pretty fun looking bed.

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The Rural Alberta Advantage – Terrified

The Rural Alberta Advantage released a new single, “Terrified,” last week with welcome news of an upcoming album.

The “rural” notwithstanding, the intensity that crashes out of every RAA song has always resonated with my own campanilismo, my own passion for my hometown’s heartbeat. I love blasting “North Star” every time I see fog-wrapped hills in the distance; love beating the crap out of my steering wheel in time to “Don’t Haunt This Place”; and I love screaming along to “Two Lovers,” eyes shut tight, using The Force to steer my way to or from that tight embrace. They’re my favorite driving band.

They’re also an amazing live band. So: new single, new album, new tour? Far from central Canada, the midwest, and the wet Atlantic seaboard… the Bay Area gets it too. Come soon. Otherwise, I’ll be driving…

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