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Sylvan Esso: Fillmore Part Deux

It’s been a good, better, best kind of week. And it only took through Tuesday.

IMG_2519By the time we were standing downstage right (LDG: “Right? Where are you? That’s left!”) for Sylvan Esso’s return trip to The Fillmore, I had already reevaluated my stance on a previously despised commerce-driven holiday; rekindled a list-driven exploration of Nordic pop; and rediscovered a central coast hideaway, heretofore nothing more than a power plant curiosity, that is home to both a bevy of sea otters and a treasure trove of Shakespeare aficionados.

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Record Store Day Sucks

I stood in that damn line, and nothing. That sea of people swept through the aisles in a mad rush, grabbing anything and everything that had the RSD label. Despite being maybe 50-people deep, I still missed out on all the LCD boxsets. I left Amoeba without spending a dime, on principle.

At one point, I just stood on the upper level, staring down at the chaos in the aisles below. One girl, couldn’t have been more than sixteen, stood in the eye of the hurricane with tears streaming down her face. Happy Record Store Day.

Within minutes, eBay was full of those boxsets. Upwards of 200 bucks. My disdain grows.
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Record Store Day Alert: New Cut Copy

RSDWhen the calendar turns to April, I start thinking about Record Store Day. Typically this process first involves getting overly excited about the idea: a day to celebrate brick & mortar music retail, and the glory of sliding new vinyl out of cardboard sleeve. Then comes the list: my Top 5 must-haves followed by an ever-increasing scrawl of would-be-nices. And finally, on that fateful Saturday, a disappointing trek to and fro, always a step behind the truly rabid collectors, content to go home with at least one item on my list. Or any list.

But 2014 is all about optimism and new beginnings. So I’ll start the process in earnest once again. I’m getting excited. I’m getting the band back together. I’m dusting the turntables and making a list. It starts with a new 10″ single by my favorite Australians, Cut Copy.

I’d love to see these guys live again… but there’s not much to this year’s Sasquatch lineup (other than them and The National) that gets me contemplating a road trip to The Gorge. So I’ll hold out for hope that Cut Copy’s ’14 festival circuit will include either Outside Lands or Treasure Island.