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Peter Matthew Bauer – Liberation!

Silver lining to favorite band (maybe) breaking up: solo projects.

Two years following Heaven, allegedly their final album, we’re gifted with three releases from former members of the The Walkmen. Walter Martin’s We’re All Young Together came out in May, followed by Hamilton Leithauser’s Black Hours in June. The frontman’s solo album is already one of the best things I’ve heard this year, soaring with a lot of the passion and eyes-shut streelamp intensity that made the last few group recordings so timeless.

And today, all day, get a KCRW album preview of Peter Matthew Bauer’s Liberation!

Like Hours, Bauer’s record swirls up some of that Walkmen mystery, but he strums along at a boozier pace, as if all the answers can be found flickering in Jersey neon.

Ten years of The Walkmen was a wonderful journey. If that book is indeed closed, I’m glad we’ll have three separate travelers to script new beginnings and chart new destinations.