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Free Festivals and other Victories

First and foremost, I won my fantasy baseball league. If there was any lingering confusion as to how this blog was evolving, this prioritized statement should make one thing abundantly clear. This blog is a terribly organized self-exploration of my post-Turnaround journey. I think I mentioned this before, but I’m using shows as signposts. Reminders to write. So, to be clear, it’s evolving to the point at which no one will likely give a shit.

Except me. Which is fine.

I’ll keep posting things garnering a slightly wider appear to the parent site. The Institute of Idle Time, thanks to some new additions to The Faculty, should be chugging along with some new content at a fairly more reliable pace.

IMG_4531In the meantime, I won. And I won’t bore you (or myself, since I’ve established that I’m this site’s only regular reader) with the details. Suffice to say that I was great fun to be around on Saturday when I thought I had the championship wrapped up; a complete asshole on Sunday after Dee Gordon stole a pair of bases before I had even finished my first cup of coffee; and a champagne-popping loon atop Nob Hill’s Pinnacle Sunday night thanks to Khris Davis and the lunacy-inspiring effects of the #Supermoon. There’s also this, if I care to relive things in a little more detail. Continue reading Free Festivals and other Victories

Blue Ribbons & Reggae

The only other time I remember attending a county fair was also in Marin. I think I was probably ten years old, and my aunt and uncle dropped off me and my cousin with a wad of cash while they went to watch Linda Ronstadt perform. Which I thought was odd. I had no conception of the county fair concert circuit and, even in college, passing billboards on the way back from weekend visits home, I never fully understood how such once-prevalent musical acts could draw prominent crowds at something called the Dixon Fair Grounds.

During this recent Fourth of July weekend, I made my second trip to San Rafael for a county fair. Demystified. Pig races, turkey legs, face-paint bets, and firework lights sans Karl diffusion. I should be doing this every summer. And, on that bandstand island, in a remarkably civil and well ushered concert tent, The Wailers performing on their LegendĀ thirtieth anniversary tour.

Continue reading Blue Ribbons & Reggae