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Hundred Waters and Thousand Sunsets

This isn’t my first blog post of the new year, but it may as well be.

Roughly this time last year, I was rediscovering music: its past importance to me, its significance in The Turnaround, its role in my every day. And, partnered with a very personal need to journal again, I spun what I thought might have been the best pieces of the Idle Time site into threads of what I’d hoped to be something new, or, at least, something of the new me.

If that sounds directionless and vague, it was. Which is unfortunate, in a sense, because the last thing I’d wanted as a hallmark of my twenty-fourteen was a lack of direction. But as it turned out, moving forward — or backward, or sideways, or whatever direction the wind, song, or Sunday required — without my mind constantly fixated on the What’s Next was the best thing for me.

2014 was a year of being in the present. It was my most introspective, self-realizing year, built up from the ashes of a year I’d hoped to soon forget. Continue reading Hundred Waters and Thousand Sunsets

Cloud Nothings – I’m Not Part of Me

Every year deserves an anthem. Every milestone era even more so. I might have found mine.

It starts right now
that’s the way that I was before
But I can’t be caught how I was those days anymore
I’m learning how to be here and nowhere else
How to focus on what I can do myself

“I’m Not Part of Me” is the first single off the new Cloud Nothings album, Here and Nowhere Else. It’s the right amount of rage, the appropriate level of determinism, and all the vitamin F-fueled energy that I need in 2014.

Well, at least as of April.

Tuesday night I left my brother’s house after the Giants dropped game two in Arizona, eerily content regardless. Heaviest rainfall we’ve had all year, I think, and even though I was parked maybe 200 feet from his stairwell, in the time it took me to climb into the front seat I was soaked. I sat in the car for a good few minutes listening to the torrential drumbeat on the roof.

When I did turn the engine on, this album was queued up, and, as shuffle willed it, this is the first song I heard.

Eerily confident. You found me in a good place, ’14 anthem, and feeling a whole lot better about life, one week at a time. Aggressive chords, immediate hook, and a drummer looking to answer the downpour’s challenge. I didn’t hear the rest of the album because I kept hitting repeat on the first track.

And if I’m still feeling it this summer, Cloud Nothings are playing the Great American Music Hall on July 7.