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Daniel Wilson – Will You

I bristled, initially, when some publicist compared young Michigan-based artist Daniel Wilson to Arthur Russell. Great voice plus minimal instrumentation does not the second coming make. So, admittedly, my ears were prejudging the first few tracks on Wilson’s debut EP, Young Rubbish. What am I hearing, a recent theater grad performing an off-Broadway opener at best..? Glee audition at worst..? There’s more emotional weight in an Arthur Russell exhalation than two minutes of “Please Dream.”

Then I heard track three, “Will You,” a second time.

And I had to re-listen to the entire EP.

I’ve had a hard time, in my life, finding the right balance between reckless spontaneity and the paralysis created by overthinking. And, lately, waiting… and being patient… have been exercises in renewal. “Will you wait..?” Will I wait? There are so many things worth waiting for, and so many reasons to be in the moment for every breath.

He gets that. In an echo-y falsetto, and in every tremulous line.

My bad, Daniel. And shame on me for almost dismissing an incredible young talent based solely on someone else’s comparison. And now I only wish I had more to listen to.