New Years, New Seasons

It’s been about a year since I started this blog, and I’m still not entirely sure what I’m doing here.

Jordan and Lauren of SALES
Jordan and Lauren of SALES

Is it a scrapbook collecting my live music experiences? A digital upgrade of that little ticket stub shoebox that lived in my kitchen drawer for years?

The second Noise Pop show I attended this year was Orlando’s SALES, an act I’d been following and eager to see perform since MMJ expressed her exuberance over “Chinese New Year” one Lunar Year ago. They were fantastic, and cool people to hang out with after the show. So cool in fact, it near made me forget the terrible sonic shitshows that opened the evening. Those bands made me feel old. Older. What are the kids listening to? *

SALES was a faith restorer.

Is that what this is? A self-exploration of my own evolving musical tastes, set against a backdrop of the puzzling trends that are seemingly fueled by more Tweet than talent?

Last night we had dinner at 1300 Fillmore, in the Jazz Heritage Center on the finest street in the best city in the world. The Saturday night band was Detroit’s Force of Will, led by the smooth-ass vocals of Will Russ, Jr. He chided us for not knowing Sam Cooke (um, clapped) and then reminded us to do our part and attend two live shows a month.


The leader of a four-piece jazz cover band, who at one point medley’d “No Diggity” with Michael Jackson and “Red House,” spoke right to me, and reminded me to keep up the fight. And stage left of the bassplayer, a Western Addition regular snoozed peacefully in an armchair while the funk blared on. I ain’t as old as that guy.

Lounge jazz was a youth restorer.

Or maybe this blog just continues to be a place to sporadically post up some new tunes I’m digging at the moment. Enter, Social Lovers…

*Glovegaze? All the Young Punks and nary a guitar onstage. No, it was bad. But I appreciate the ongoing education.

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