SALES – toto (XXYYXX remix)

The Orlando pop duo SALES recently announced the release of their first EP, due out on September 22nd. The album collects all of their previously released singles, from last year’s “renee” to the recent “vow,” as well as a new song, “getting it on,” and this remix of “toto.”

“chinese new year” was what did it for me. I liked it enough, at first listen, to mix it in with other tracks I was digging early in the year, and it made it on my first entry in the Idle Time CD exchange. There’s a floating, buzzy joy in the strum, and “time to make a change” swirled in my head like a sunny big-city montage in a 60’s technicolor comedy. I liked it enough, but MMJ loved it. And there was something in seeing the joy through someone else’s joy that really did it for me. And while an EP mostly full of previously released material isn’t the biggest music news of the fall, it does serve as a touchstone to review where I was back in January when I first heard “chinese new year,” and where I plan to be that time next year.

This remix of “toto” distorts what I thought was the most endearing aspect of the band, namely, Lauren Morgan’s voice. But there’s a charm in hearing joy through someone’s else’s joy too. Or any emotion for that matter. It’s the karaoke effect. If and when these guys make a west coast swing, maybe there’ll be enough crowd singalong action to hammer this point home.

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