Black City Lights – Another Life

After spending all of fifteen minutes on Wikipedia, and stumbling through various links and associated articles, I’ve made the rather bold decision to move Wellington, New Zealand, onto my regularly updated cities-to-visit list. On the surface, I can appreciate its charms, as it seems to bear remarkable similarities to my hometown — from the earthquakes and the weather, to its beautiful oceanside/bayside geography.

black cityBut I wouldn’t have even bothered looking at that Wikipedia page if not for the real source of travelers curiosity. Last month Stars & Letters released the second LP from Wellington’s Black City Lights. Another Life is a gorgeous blend of ghostly synths and vibrant vocals, and it crashes against concrete & glass in no-waves emanating from mid-80’s ripples.

A day later, I got excited about the new single from Electric Wire Hustle and their new album, Love Can Prevail, which releases tomorrow on somethinksounds. EWH, also from Wellington.

This town has some serious verve, and I want in. Your move, Christchurch.

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