Tomas Barfod – Love Me

The first single off Tomas Barfod’s new album, Love Me, was released back in February. I was unfamiliar with this Danish artist’s work prior to this year, but “Pulsing,” with vocals by Nina Kinert, was one of my first Soundcloud “likes” of 2014.

The full length came out last month, and in addition to the aforementioned single, there are three other tracks featuring the stunning Swedish songstress.

The entire record is fantastic, replete with sultry disco-inspired beats and haunting melodies. Way to step up, Scandinavia. The electronic artists of New Zealand and Australia aren’t the only ones channeling Portishead and Massive Attack. And up in northern Europe, the channels are icy and slick, sweating and moving with an inner heat.

I needed this record today. I guess it’s hotter than hell in most of northern California, but down by Ocean Beach it’s beautifully overcast and sea-breezy.

But I’m down for the count, sick. And the only thing worse than being sick on a weekend (not that I have that many sick-days to burn), is being sick while watching the Giants lose the first two of three against the Dodgers.

So I caught a cold; the Giants hitters have been cold. Chill, sexy Nordic electronica with the right amount of quiver feels pretty great right now. And if Peavy can salvage one for us in his Giants debut tomorrow, all the sexier.

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