Sinkane – How We Be

Sinkane’s second album on DFA, Mean Love, comes out this September, and there are already two silky grooves on Soundcloud.

The website’s description: “It’s soul music! A truly universal sound, uniting rhythm and styles from our world over to help you move, relate, and be.”

And in traditional tangential fashion, time for a personal note from the blogcentric sphere of this site’s brain. Always after the “more” jump, because I like to keep my feelings off the front page.

I’ve been doing a lot of vinyl shopping online this year. Even before my miserable Record Store Day experience, I’ve just found it a lot easier to get what I want at a price I’m comfortable with. Whereas patience used to be an issue, and if I heard something that I was interested in I would usually swing by Amoeba immediately if not sooner, I now am generally kept warm with mp3s at checkout.

The drawback, however, seems to have been that three out of every four records I’ve received in the mail have been damaged in some way. Not the album itself of course, but, invariably, the cover is bent or broken, the spine has tears, or the sleeve is bent and split. I don’t know why… the ULINE boxes used by most labels and online retailers seem perfectly sturdy. Maybe I’ve been blacklisted in the PayPal community and the appropriate response is to smash my merchandise before it gets packaged. Whatever.

I bring this up, because as I prepare to preorder this Sinkane album, I have full confidence that the product will arrive in pristine condition. I’ve ordered maybe… two dozen or so products from DFA over the years? And they package the shit out of their orders. Like sending baby ducks from coast to coast. I’m looking forward to my copious cardboard and paper shreds. Oh, and the album of course.

And, yes, I recycle.

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