Treasure Island Music Festival 2014

Before there was Outside Lands, there was TIMF. Still twice as cool, and three times as radioactive. The lineup for this year’s festival was announced today and I’ve promised myself to learn from past mistakes (the aforementioned Golden Gate Park party), and not miss out on tickets this time around.


Some of my favorite festival memories were made at prior Treasure Island weekends. Some of the hottest days I’ve experienced in the Bay Area smashed abruptly into some of the coldest nights of my life. I love this town, and I love seeing it flicker in the fog beyond the Tunnel Stage.

Just today, I told a group of my favorite concert buddies that I was going to take a wait-and-see approach to this year’s show. Wait for more additions to the lineup? Wait to see who else was going? What does that even mean?

I take it back. I didn’t mean it. Let’s go. Let’s everybody go. What more do I want? Another shot at seeing Chet Faker? Painted Palms doing more than a four-song set? Freaking Massive Attack? Yes, all that, plus bands and artists I’d like to meet for the first time. Hola, Ana Tijoux. Mucho gusto.

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