jj – All White Everything

Here it is. The single I was clamoring for last week.

Forget what I said about seemingly superfluous album trailers. About too much affected buzz or too many snippets of fuzz or too buzzy too fuzzy streaming services. I admit: I’m a hype junkie.

The new album, V, releases August 19th on Secretly Canadian/Sincerely Yours. More information on the record, including tracklisting, is available here.

"I've been up all winter for someone like you..."
“I’ve been up all winter for someone like you…”

Memorial Day Weekend signals the start of the vacation season for so many people (and, for me, it punctuated what has already been an incredible year), but now that the jj tune is swirling out of my speakers, and I’ve preordered V, cue up an incredible summer.

It’s time travel through a Swedish ice fog, perpetually lit by an ever-present near-Arctic sun. “…starting to blush… when I think about the things… we did on that bus…” Echoes from 2011 (“We Can’t Stop”) through 2013 (“My Boys”) and into the future.


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