YoggyOne & Muhsinah – Any Ideas

In October, French producer YoggyOne will release his second album, a follow-up to the “chunky, crunchy soul… layered with organic percussive beats and pulses” of Canopée.

This first single, a collaboration with D.C. singer Muhsinah, is set to release on June 9th.

Do release dates mean anything anymore? I “pre-ordered” the digital two-track single on Bandcamp and was able to download it immediately.  Sure, the physical record won’t be available until then… but I’ve been sitting at my desk playing this song on repeat from my phone all afternoon.

So what do we do now?
What do we do now?
Any ideas?
Because I can’t tell you anything you haven’t heard

It’s the ultimate rhetorical question. There are no ideas, no expectations, no presumed revelations. There’s a crackle and a sigh, and the cathartic realization that running out of options doesn’t equate to failure. Some things run their course. All things live and die.

I’m going to revel in the living; no more dwelling on the dying.

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