jj – Album Trailers, Summer Songs, and Ditching Ne-Yo

Enough with the album trailers already. I love getting news of an upcoming release as much as the next guy, but, you know… just drop the first single.

Admittedly, the trailer for three stops on Spoon’s upcoming tour was pretty cool (be cooler if I was going to be in Berlin next week), but their “Hi” clip posted back in March was like being handed a slice of pepperoni fifteen minutes before my pizza comes out of the oven. Guys. I can wait.

My summer nights wouldn’t be the same without a dreamy slice of Swedish pop courtesy of jj. And as luck would have it, their new album is set for August.

So you produced the hell out of this little trailer. I want to believe that you’ve produced the hell out of a single, too, and I’ll be hearing it real soon. Don’t make me wait until August.

It’s almost June…

And while I’m on the subject of jj, I came across this after thirty seconds of an album teaser and ninety seconds of fumbling around the internet looking for an actual track.

Did the new jj single really debut on Christmas Eve and I missed it entirely?

No… not exactly. Sound familiar?

In 2011, this song was released as part of Adult Swim’s singles party. It was a tune I once described as “maybe two songs, maybe none.” Whatever it was initially, I loved the jj portion of it enough to list it among my five favorite non-album tracks of the year. And now, uncensored, devoid of Ne-Yo’s vocals, and soundtracking a sexy mime through the wet hallways of Elin Kastlander’s memory, it’s ten times better.

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