FKA x inc

Earlier this year I did my part to push “How’s That” by FKA twigs past the half-million views threshold. The song is beautiful, but the video is just captivating.

A few months ago, she released a video collaboration with inc. titled, simply, FKA x inc.

aaaaand I’ve been watching the shit out of this as well.

Yes, I moved into a smaller place. A smaller, more awesome place. And I purged a substantial portion of my belongings in the process. But how devilishly easy it is to fill one’s life and dwelling up with lovely things when this seven-inch single comes wrapped up in an eight-page full color zine.

I choose to look at it this way: in the same way one donates or otherwise disposes of old clothes that one doesn’t want to wear anymore… and slowly rebuilds a new wardrobe…

my consumer efforts in The Turnaround are to slowly rebuild a collection of vinyl, comics, prints, and other artifacts of delight to symbolize this new era.

Besides, I still have practically no furniture. So there’s room…

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