Freschard with the Wave Pictures – Monsters

Where It’s At Is Where You Are debuted its 7-inch singles series this year with “Monsters,” a new tune by Freschard. The B-side is a version of “And the Rain” from her recent Boom Biddy Boom album, this one also recorded with the Wave Pictures.

I’ve always been a big fan of the seven-inch record. As a kid, I used to spin my dad’s 45s on my fingers when he wasn’t looking. One of my first grade-school notebook superhero creations was a Hawkeye-like marksman who spun little vinyl frisbees with deadly accuracy. Culture Club singles could blind an enemy with bursts of color. I bought a lot of cassettes and 45s, primarily because they could be concealed in my backpack, stealthily avoiding my parents requests to “save money” and “come straight home after school.”

wiaiwya loves the seven inch too. 7777777 is the name of the series, and each release is limited to 77 copies. This record came out on the 7th of April, and future releases (including the recent “Doll” by Trick Mammoth) are all slated for various seventh days.

I love this song. I love that it’s sung in a beautiful French accent. I love that it evokes the same sort of poetry of the everyday that Jens Lekman has perfected in his Swedish-tinged English. I love the jangle and the sway, and I love the precious mystery of the guitar solo.

0002223169_10wiaiwya-7777777 this year is a picture disc series and a step-by-step guide to releasing your own record (spoiler alert: step one is Find A Band). Almost as pretty as the tune is the illustration by Tom Humberstone that graces this disc’s face and sleeve.


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