Record Store Day Sucks

I stood in that damn line, and nothing. That sea of people swept through the aisles in a mad rush, grabbing anything and everything that had the RSD label. Despite being maybe 50-people deep, I still missed out on all the LCD boxsets. I left Amoeba without spending a dime, on principle.

At one point, I just stood on the upper level, staring down at the chaos in the aisles below. One girl, couldn’t have been more than sixteen, stood in the eye of the hurricane with tears streaming down her face. Happy Record Store Day.

Within minutes, eBay was full of those boxsets. Upwards of 200 bucks. My disdain grows.

I wrote that a few weeks ago, hours after another vain attempt at celebrating Record Store Day. I had told myself not to worry about must-have lists anymore, or even would-be-nices. For the the last two RSDs, in fact, I wandered into record stores in the late afternoon, browsing through whatever was left. I love brick-and-mortar proprietors, and Record Store Day forms a great triumvirate with Free Comic Book Day and, now, California Bookstore Day.

But what vulgar irony to see an event designed to invigorate the in-person purchasing of physical media turn into a feeding frenzy for eBay merchants. I really thought, with Amoeba’s one-per-person policy, and the fact that LCD Soundsystem’s The Long Goodbye box set was going to be mass released a month later, that I’d be able to get the one thing that suddenly popped up on my must-have list.

Not the case. I ran into two guys who were clutching multiple copies of Goodbye and, when I asked one of them if he knew about the one-per policy, he looked past me into the throng, bobbing his head as if trying to spot someone, and mumbled that he was “holding one for a friend.” Asshole.

Yesterday morning, before I even rolled out of bed, I checked email on my phone. An message from DFA informed me that they had a few copies of the box set for sale, set to ship on May 20. Fantastic. I ordered one (and only one, because I’m not an asshole), and then immediately picked up the “We Hate Record Store Day” mass-text thread that began on that fateful Saturday and directed my friends to do the same.

Hopefully they jumped on it, though. Because before lunch it had sold out there too…


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