Cineplexx and Spanish Lessons

Throughout Idle Time’s first decade, one of our favorite insults to bandy back and forth was an accusation of narrow musical interests. With the probable exception of WH, who admittedly has the broadest appreciation of styles and genres, we have all been guilty of locking in to a certain “jam.” Some of us embraced it (MI, DH); some of us resented it (me, RF); and some seemed oblivious (EH).

So it is with deliberate effort that I start the next decade, The Turnaround me, with as much new as I can handle.

I’m used to responding to “What kind of music do you like?” with the blanket I-like-everything remark, but do I mean it? The other night I was asked if I liked reggae. Ask me that ten years ago I would have said no… But the other night, again, elicited the “everything” reply.

I’m listening to more, but I’m also hearing more.

I wouldn’t have embraced this track by Argentinian artist Cineplexx had it not been for a remarkable series of events that led me to the Catalan band Manel (and their song “Al Mar” in particular; gracias MMJ). “Te Quiero” is the first single off his forthcoming album,  Florianopólis, released on April 7 on Nuevahola Records.

And how’s this for cross-culturalism? A great Cineplexx interview on NPR’s Latino USA website. Yeah, I would also love to see this guy work with James Murphy. Make that happen.

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