Maigret Jnr’s Total Control

I love being surprised by a cover tune. I have a playlist devoted to covers that elicit an oh shit! Where have I heard this guy before..?* One of the few remaining mental music trivia challenges that doesn’t lend itself to immediate surrender and an internet answer.

Take this track, for example. “Total Control” covered by Maigret Jnr and Misfit Mod. Fantastic! Who did it first..? During a Bandcamp Weekly episode a few weeks back, I had until the end of the song before Andrew Jervis basically said, time’s up: Motels.

Speaking of Bandcamp, if you head on over to Maigret Jnr’s page, you can download this tune gratis.

And for good measure, check out this live performance of the original. Martha’s eyes… that vanishing cinder of a cigarette… love.

*in Red River? Or A Place in the Sun? Maybe The Misfits? From Here to Eternity

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