Bart Davenport Made It Happen

As a member of the local band Honeycut, Bart Davenport was a live favorite here in The City. As a current LA resident, now touring to support his new LP Physical Worldhe’s earned a place in the annals of my favorite live performances of all time.

The album is pretty good, and the first single, “Wearing the Changes,” has maintained its place in my New New Stuff playlist despite kicking around for a few weeks. It repels reorganization.

Last night at The Chapel was a good night. Reminder: I’m out of the pseudo-music-reviewing biz. All of us at Idle Time are. I’ll sum this up in The Point sometime in the near future, but suffice to say that the Institute’s efforts to rate, quantify, and chronicle pop music started to feel like homework right around the same time that real-world shit got crazy. Seemed like a foregone conclusion: Idle Time had timed out. As the 2014 dawn reflected off the settling dust specks, however, I remembered what made us so passionate about music in the first place. Why we first debated with one another, made each other mixes, and flipped flashcards of obscure album covers with kung fu rapidity.

photo (2)It’s about the music of course, but it’s also about the places we inhabit, the things we do, and the people we’re with when that music happens.

And last night at The Chapel Bart Davenport made it happen.

His new album may not make any best-of lists of import, but it’ll show up among my favorite records of the year because it is permanently linked to an evening of new friends, old (sorely missed) emotions, and a singular sense of peace with the universe that I haven’t experienced in far too long.

Thanks, man.

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