There’s Room on the Internet for One More Music Blog

No, the internet doesn’t need another music blog.

But I do.

After a solid decade of heated, friendly debate with my Idle Time cohorts, the energy peaked, the real world got crazy, and the empire imploded.

But the enthusiasm didn’t die. Nor did the music.

We still love it, follow it, and react to it. We have no plans for another List, much less the completion of the long-delayed and ultimately forsaken Ultimate Mixtape project. But we’re still family, and out of the ashes of a challenging 2013, this family is having a reunion of sorts in 2014.

My contribution will start here, on another rarely visited corner of the internet. Heavy rotations, shows of note, and assorted rankings. To be honest, I’m not even entirely sure what’s going to happen here, but it feels good to start something again.

And with that, I just dropped five CDs in the mail for my Idle Time brothers and sisters. New music for a new start.

Happy New Year

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